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Less Candy Crush, More Writing

Last week, I threw all the games off of my iPhone: Candy Crush Saga, Words with Friends, Dice with Friends, and Ruzzle; although, I may have forgotten to delete Scrabble. Regardless, I notified those I played online games with that … Continue reading

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Water Bottles – A Monologue

  This is the monologue I worked on last week at the TMI Women’s Weekend Retreat. It’s by no means perfect either as a monologue or as anything else, but then again, this blog is named, “The Early Draft.” ¬†You … Continue reading

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What’s a Howler? A cutthroat peer reviewer teaches Cindy a lesson!

When I started this blog in August of 2010, just after graduating from the Solstice MFA program of Pine Manor College, I told stories from long ago about personal embarrassment. A couple of times in my life, some ruthless teachers … Continue reading

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Reunion – Why do I remember you? Why Do you remember me?

My 30th high school reunion begins as most of the stories of my life do — with an embarrassing moment. “You have something on the back of your pants,” the young woman at the registration table says. I figure her … Continue reading

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