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Broken things

The mirror in my upstairs bathroom medicine chest almost fell on my head. The mirror is separated into thirds, with each third opening when you push it, screws holding the turning mechanisms together, and  magnets holding the doors closed when … Continue reading

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3 Revisions? 6 Revisions? Try 16 years of revisions….

Sixteen year ago, I had my ass kicked by love and I’ve been trying to write about it ever since. In 1996, after a breakup with a woman named XXXXX, I attempted to write several pages of our story together. … Continue reading

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Redheaded Angel

“I like your chain,” she said. I looked up at the redhead, then down at my neck to see what I was wearing: a simple and inexpensive silver necklace. We were standing in the CVS Pharmacy for pick-up of prescription … Continue reading

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50 Gifts for My Birthday

On my desk at work rests a photo of my father and step mother in their early 50s. As my 50th birthday approaches at the end of April, I try not to over think that photo taken in 1986 at … Continue reading

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How do you write happy?

How Do You Write Happy? Lately I’ve been acknowledging how good my life is. Maybe some of you out there do this all the time, count your blessings, write down all the positives about your life: I love my children, … Continue reading

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Get on your bike and ride

I want to ride my bicycle. It sounds so simple, but I’m afraid of the traffic, the line of shiny cars with drivers oblivious or resenting me. I glide by on narrow streets forcing them to slow down: they’re texting, … Continue reading

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Reunion – Why do I remember you? Why Do you remember me?

My 30th high school reunion begins as most of the stories of my life do — with an embarrassing moment. “You have something on the back of your pants,” the young woman at the registration table says. I figure her … Continue reading

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