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I went to church and there was no bible

This post is dark, and disjointed, and admittedly strange; it is raw and vulnerable, bare as November herself. Read it at your own peril. The Darkness and the Mud I experience a slow, sinking feeling, as if I’m losing myself … Continue reading

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Secret Facebook Sex Conversation REVEALED

First, disclaimers and qualifications: Yesterday, I found myself involved in a four-way or five-way, I mean, a multiple conversation in Facebook Message. Of the women mentioned in the conversation below, I’ve only met Ann in person. She is a student … Continue reading

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On a Perfect Day I Want What I Have

On this perfect day in May, I give myself a break from everything: from worrying about what to do about my mother as she ages, to feeling, for the first time, that there may not be enough years left to … Continue reading

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Publishing Failure and She Was Just Seventeen

I’ve been feeling like a failure lately because my essay, “Claudia Songs,” has been rejected so many times. I log onto Facebook and see so many of my writer friends publishing, some often, some sporadically, but they are publishing. I’m … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m a Free Bird

Usually when I’m in flight I read or let my mind drift, stare out the window at clouds or the lighted dots of cities in the dark. If I fly JetBlue, I watch Channel 13 – a little cartoon plane … Continue reading

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How do you write happy?

How Do You Write Happy? Lately I’ve been acknowledging how good my life is. Maybe some of you out there do this all the time, count your blessings, write down all the positives about your life: I love my children, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “A Smirnoff and Coke”

If you haven’t read my essay, and you’re interested, here is a link to Connotation Press-An Online Artifact that will bring you to editor Robert Clark Young, and to my essay, “A Smirnoff and Coke.” I wanted to use this blog … Continue reading

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