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Once an Agoraphobic – Revisited

Thank you to everyone who read and liked or commented on my essay, “Once an Agoraphobic,” published recently on the “It’s All In Her Head Website,” edited by Laura Andre. For those of you who missed it and are interested, … Continue reading

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My Fight with Panic Disorder Part II: Gwin and Marijuana

From the essay, “Stuck in the Middle,” by Cindy Zelman When I was thirteen I met Gwin, new to town, and we spent a lovely year bonding as we entered the eighth grade at junior high. We walked to and … Continue reading

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My Fight with Panic Disorder (Part I)

On the advice of a writer-acquaintance, I will be publishing excerpts from some of my essays here on my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading. Stuck in the Middle The cashier and the bag boy look at me as … Continue reading

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3 Revisions? 6 Revisions? Try 16 years of revisions….

Sixteen year ago, I had my ass kicked by love and I’ve been trying to write about it ever since. In 1996, after a breakup with a woman named XXXXX, I attempted to write several pages of our story together. … Continue reading

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The Hardest Thing I Did Today Was Swallow a Pill

A month or so back, I was reading an article that included a quote from a guy who lives in Washington state, who said something to this effect: Until I can walk down the street smoking a joint on my … Continue reading

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2012 So Far, 50 So Far

This post is mainly photos, just wanted to share some of 2012 with you all, as you so kindly share it with me. Sadly (or not) the pic below is what got my blog traffic up by a catrillion percent … Continue reading

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Gifts That Are Hard to Take: Trip to Woodstock, Part I.

It’s a new week. Time for one of those I’m-turning-50-gifts that I’m giving to myself  in April. This gift comes in the form of a new challenge – to drive 200+ miles to New York to participate in a page … Continue reading

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