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In the quest to free my Persecuted Ugandan friends — SUCCESS — and more…

As it turns out, Bryan, one of two gay Ugandan men I have raised money for (with the help of very generous friends) is leaving with another friend for South Africa THIS WEEK! I am very excited for him. Harold’s … Continue reading

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A new laptop or people’s lives?

Recently, I complained to my brother that my laptop was slow, so we ended up window shopping at a local Best Buy. It’s so enticing to drive ┬áinto the parking lot where the blue and yellow sign is lit up … Continue reading

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‘Who Would Choose Such a Difficult Life If They Were Normal?’

‘Who Would Choose Such a Difficult Life If They Were Normal?’ –

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A big blogging week

It’s been a big week of blogging for me. I have my regular gig with, which this week published my piece on my changing shoes and changing attitudes. And The Huffington Post has taken another one of my blogs … Continue reading

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I see the good in the bad: less rant, more rave

A couple of weeks ago, I was so angry I ranted here about a blog by a woman who claimed to be fair in her attempt to understand both the Christian and the gay/queer issues in relation to same-sex marriage. … Continue reading

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The Worst Blog Ever on Same Sex Marriage

When Michelle Shocked gets up on a stage and yells, “God hates fags!” and other ultimate homophobic, homo-hater statements, I don’t mind. She is clear, she is not duplicitous. Maybe she’s needs anger management or to accept her own repressed … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month Ain’t Over Yet!

For those of you who missed the short article I did on activist Urvashi Vaid for Women’s History Month, you can find a link to the story below. Thank you! I shall return with more stories soon.

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