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Broken things

The mirror in my upstairs bathroom medicine chest almost fell on my head. The mirror is separated into thirds, with each third opening when you push it, screws holding the turning mechanisms together, and ¬†magnets holding the doors closed when … Continue reading

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Double Wide – Yet another relationship story

I thought I was done with my relationship stories, yet I have found another one. Names and minor details have been changed to protect identity. This is a first draft. I don’t know if I will continue with this one, … Continue reading

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The good news, the bad news

The good news is that I’ve started blogging again for the website, whose mission it is to bring the best in news, entertainment and opinion to the worldwide lesbian community. However, straight people are encouraged to read the articles, … Continue reading

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“Peanut Butter Cups” has been published by Tinge Magazine

Normally, when I am lucky enough to have my work published, I just announce it without disclaimers; however, “Peanut Butter Cups,” is an exception. ¬†Just published by Tinge Magazine, this is a difficult essay — it’s long, and it’s full … Continue reading

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‘Who Would Choose Such a Difficult Life If They Were Normal?’

‘Who Would Choose Such a Difficult Life If They Were Normal?’ –

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What happened to The Early Draft?

My blog site, The Early Draft, once seemed like a thriving and growing venue to share my writing and ideas. But after three years interest seemed to dwindle. Comments on “The Early Draft” dried up. Maybe you all just got … Continue reading

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A big blogging week

It’s been a big week of blogging for me. I have my regular gig with, which this week published my piece on my changing shoes and changing attitudes. And The Huffington Post has taken another one of my blogs … Continue reading

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