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My blog audience is growing….

It occurred to me just now that my blog audience is growing and is larger and more diverse than my Facebook audience. For that reason, I wanted to post a link to the memoir, “Marcela Songs,” which is up at … Continue reading

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Please help me to rename my essay and my book

Some of you are aware of what I’ve been dealing with lately due to someone from my past finding an essay that was recently published. While the experience itself begs for an essay on the nightmare of your past colliding … Continue reading

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3 Revisions? 6 Revisions? Try 16 years of revisions….

Sixteen year ago, I had my ass kicked by love and I’ve been trying to write about it ever since. In 1996, after a breakup with a woman named XXXXX, I attempted to write several pages of our story together. … Continue reading

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