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What’s in a Butch’s Purse will soon be available for download and pre-order

From a completely dysfunctional relationship with a woman named Jan, to seeing my first and last name linked to a hardcore porn site, to meeting a man in the coffee aisle at a supermarket and contemplating my “hetero-curiosity” in middle age, you will see the narrator (me) bumbling through her life. I certainly hope you will enjoy all that bumbling. Continue reading

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What happened to The Early Draft?

My blog site, The Early Draft, once seemed like a thriving and growing venue to share my writing and ideas. But after three years interest seemed to dwindle. Comments on “The Early Draft” dried up. Maybe you all just got … Continue reading

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Secret Facebook Sex Conversation REVEALED

First, disclaimers and qualifications: Yesterday, I found myself involved in a four-way or five-way, I mean, a multiple conversation in Facebook Message. Of the women mentioned in the conversation below, I’ve only met Ann in person. She is a student … Continue reading

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How many Facebook friends have you done it with?

I like the hard, crackling buzz of number crunching. Dealing with words is so icky, sticky, messy, and imprecise. Maybe it’s the Taurus in me that likes strong, finite measurements that I can apply to the ludicrous events of my … Continue reading

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Moments Fine and Not So Much

Oh, that first morning after the sex, as she wakes me up and says, “I was disappointed.” Okay, that was not one of the finer moments of my life, but one of the marvels of writing is how you can … Continue reading

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