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Less Candy Crush, More Writing

Last week, I threw all the games off of my iPhone: Candy Crush Saga, Words with Friends, Dice with Friends, and Ruzzle; although, I may have forgotten to delete Scrabble. Regardless, I notified those I played online games with that … Continue reading

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The Hardest Thing I Did Today Was Swallow a Pill

A month or so back, I was reading an article that included a quote from a guy who lives in Washington state, who said something to this effect: Until I can walk down the street smoking a joint on my … Continue reading

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David, pray

(Early draft stories from my agoraphobic life) In his youth, David Pray sported a thick shock of blonde, wavy hair. That’s what you noticed first: all that crazy yellow-white hair. He had fine blue eyes, thick, pouty-boy lips, and a … Continue reading

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Running up the escalator

“Suzanne, what is wrong with these fucking people?” It seemed more appropriate than usual that I should fling the f-word, seeing that I found myself in a Secaucus, New Jersey train station near midnight. “I mean, why the fuck are … Continue reading

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People like to get high. Say the word “marijuana” and their eyes glaze with the memory of their last toke, and dopey, distant smiles light their faces with the promise of their next smoke-filled euphoria. I am perplexed by the … Continue reading

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