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Double Wide – Yet another relationship story

I thought I was done with my relationship stories, yet I have found another one. Names and minor details have been changed to protect identity. This is a first draft. I don’t know if I will continue with this one, … Continue reading

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How many Facebook friends have you done it with?

I like the hard, crackling buzz of number crunching. Dealing with words is so icky, sticky, messy, and imprecise. Maybe it’s the Taurus in me that likes strong, finite measurements that I can apply to the ludicrous events of my … Continue reading

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How do you write happy?

How Do You Write Happy? Lately I’ve been acknowledging how good my life is. Maybe some of you out there do this all the time, count your blessings, write down all the positives about your life: I love my children, … Continue reading

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Aisle 4 at the Stop and Shop: Where Lesbians Go to Pick Up Men

Here is a little story I read in January 2010 during the residency of the Solstice MFA at Pine Manor College. Some of you heard me read it aloud, but others have not. Enjoy, or enjoy again: “Aisle Four at … Continue reading

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