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Double Wide – Yet another relationship story

I thought I was done with my relationship stories, yet I have found another one. Names and minor details have been changed to protect identity. This is a first draft. I don’t know if I will continue with this one, … Continue reading

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Once an Agoraphobic – Revisited

Thank you to everyone who read and liked or commented on my essay, “Once an Agoraphobic,” published recently on the “It’s All In Her Head Website,” edited by Laura Andre. For those of you who missed it and are interested, … Continue reading

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Redheaded Angel

“I like your chain,” she said. I looked up at the redhead, then down at my neck to see what I was wearing: a simple and inexpensive silver necklace. We were standing in the CVS Pharmacy for pick-up of prescription … Continue reading

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Water Bottles – A Monologue

  This is the monologue I worked on last week at the TMI Women’s Weekend Retreat. It’s by no means perfect either as a monologue or as anything else, but then again, this blog is named, “The Early Draft.”  You … Continue reading

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I’m a Bed Writer

I’m a bed writer. Recently, I realized I do my best work while lying in bed with a laptop. I need a Queen-size mattress and some pillows. A couple of cats. A cup of coffee. Some lessons are a little … Continue reading

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A great read about alcoholism, lesbians, triumph, and sex

It’s not often that I continue reading a book when, at first, I don’t like the lead character. For quite a few pages, this was the case with protagonist, Terry Manescu, in Bridget Bufford’s novel, Minus One: A Twelve-Step Journey. … Continue reading

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Get on your bike and ride

I want to ride my bicycle. It sounds so simple, but I’m afraid of the traffic, the line of shiny cars with drivers oblivious or resenting me. I glide by on narrow streets forcing them to slow down: they’re texting, … Continue reading

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