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Once an Agoraphobic – Revisited

Thank you to everyone who read and liked or commented on my essay, “Once an Agoraphobic,” published recently on the “It’s All In Her Head Website,” edited by Laura Andre. For those of you who missed it and are interested, … Continue reading

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My Fight with Panic Disorder (Part I)

On the advice of a writer-acquaintance, I will be publishing excerpts from some of my essays here on my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading. Stuck in the Middle The cashier and the bag boy look at me as … Continue reading

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Gifts That Are Hard to Take: Trip to Woodstock, Part I.

It’s a new week. Time for one of those I’m-turning-50-gifts that I’m giving to myself  in April. This gift comes in the form of a new challenge – to drive 200+ miles to New York to participate in a page … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m a Free Bird

Usually when I’m in flight I read or let my mind drift, stare out the window at clouds or the lighted dots of cities in the dark. If I fly JetBlue, I watch Channel 13 – a little cartoon plane … Continue reading

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David, pray

(Early draft stories from my agoraphobic life) In his youth, David Pray sported a thick shock of blonde, wavy hair. That’s what you noticed first: all that crazy yellow-white hair. He had fine blue eyes, thick, pouty-boy lips, and a … Continue reading

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Once an Agoraphobic…

Hello. My name is Cindy and I’m an agoraphobic. Thirty years have passed since I’ve uttered the words “panic disorder” and “agoraphobia” as many times as I did this summer. A challenging trip to Colorado in August led to this … Continue reading

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People like to get high. Say the word “marijuana” and their eyes glaze with the memory of their last toke, and dopey, distant smiles light their faces with the promise of their next smoke-filled euphoria. I am perplexed by the … Continue reading

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