“Peanut Butter Cups” has been published by Tinge Magazine

English: Peanut butter cups, sticks, and piece...

Normally, when I am lucky enough to have my work published, I just announce it without disclaimers; however, “Peanut Butter Cups,” is an exception.  Just published by Tinge Magazine, this is a difficult essay — it’s long, and it’s full of painful subjects such as rape, abuse, and mental illness. There is some raw and raunchy lesbian sex that may startle some readers. It may not be apparent as to why I’ve written this piece; I think it’s more apparent when you read it as part of a larger work – what comes before and what comes after – in the book I am trying to finish.

If you are inclined, give “Peanut Butter Cups” a shot. If it gets too painful for you or too boring for you, by all means, please stop reading.  If you can get through it, thank you.

This is a work of creative nonfiction, but I have changed the name of the main character and some insignificant details to protect privacy.

So, give it a go, if you can. Here is the link:


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