I never felt better: What did they put in those capsules?

I recently received two emails from Amazon telling me that my purchases of Align Probiotics would be refunded because they are not the genuine product. Hmmm… The box they arrived in looks exactly like the one I would get at Walgreen’s. The capsules are sealed in silver foil blister packages. How in the world could someone fake this? How would you retrofit fake capsules into sealed packaging like that? I did wonder why the price was so fantastic compared to any other sellers on Amazon and compared to the pharmacy. I didn’t wonder that hard; I just took the deal.

Maybe I should compare this box to one from Walgreen’s, but doesn’t it look real to you?

Since taking the Mis-Align-ed products I have never felt better! Seriously, I had finished the package of Align I bought from Amazon in April, which means I ingested 56 capsules from this seller whose product is not “genuine.” When I ran out of the probiotic, it took me some time to re-order. I began to feel bloated and tired and disgusting. I’m 57-years old yet my stomach blew up as if I were a 28-year old pregnant woman: a beach ball, a basketball, a watermelon, or a child in my belly. Your choice.

So I ordered another 56 capsules of Align Probiotic and began taking them again on June 28th. As before, I never felt better! My bloating subsided, I didn’t feel vaguely ill in my digestive tract. I could eat anything. I took about 10 days worth before receiving Amazon’s refund emails. And Amazon tells me these are fake capsules and they recommend that I stop taking them.

If those weren’t genuine Align capsules, what the hell were they? How did they get them into those packs? I did think it was a little strange that some of the capsules were a bit flattened, but I figured that was due to the package banging around the truck during shipping. I still have some at home, but now Amazon has ruined this for me. I should open up a capsule and see what’s inside it. Maybe it’s just empty.

Wouldn’t that be hilarious, if I felt better from taking an empty capsule?


  1. Terrific Post! I find it strange that Amazon is sending this product to you, warning you and refunding.
    Have you tried align from a different seller? It might be a way to compare.
    Keep us posted!


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