Message from a Blue Jay – Cover Reveal for Upcoming Book!

FayeMy friend and fellow writer, Faye Rapoport DesPres, will have her debut book published in spring 2014! I’m very excited for Faye, who I know personally from having attended the Solstice MFA Program of Pine Manor College. We were students together. I knew her when!!!!!

I know, too, the personal journey Faye took to create this beautiful book. I feel honored to have read her work in various stages of drafts and see the work come to fruition in a published book.

Today is the publisher’s “Cover Reveal” showing the world the cover of Faye’s book, entitled, Message from a Blue Jay – Love, Loss, and One Writer’s Search for Home.

Let’s take a look at the tag line and then the cover:

“From an astonishing blue jay to an encounter with a lone humpback whale, travel with debut author Faye Rapoport DesPres, as she examines a modern life marked by her passion for the natural world, unexpected love, shocking loss, and her search for a place she can finally call home in this beautifully-crafted memoir-in-essays.”


Here is more detail about the book

“Three weeks before DesPres’ fortieth birthday, nothing about her life fit the usual mold. She is single, living in a rented house in Boulder, Colorado, and fitting dance classes and nature hikes between workdays at a software start-up that soon won’t exist. While contemplating a sky still hazy from summer wildfires, she decides to take stock of her nomadic life and find the real reasons she never “settled down.” The choices she makes from that moment on lead her to re-trace her steps—in the States and abroad—as she attempts to understand her life. But instead of going back, she finds herself moving forward to new love, shocking loss, and finally, in a way that she never expects, to a place that she can almost call home.

Readers who love the memoirs and personal essays of such rising contemporary writers as Cheryl Strayed, Joy Castro, and Kim Dana Kupperman, will appreciate Faye’s observational eye, her passion for the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it, and her search for the surprising truths behind the events of our daily lives.” — publisher’s synopsis.

Having read earlier versions of this work, I can tell you personally it’s a beautiful read. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon. You will get a discounted price if you order it now.

Here are other links to learn more:

Official Facebook Page:

Publisher’s Facebook page:

Author’s Facebook page:

Publisher’s blog:

Publisher’s website announcement:

Author’s website:

On Twitter: HASHTAG #BlueJayCover


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