2012 So Far, 50 So Far

This post is mainly photos, just wanted to share some of 2012 with you all, as you so kindly share it with me.

Sadly (or not) the pic below is what got my blog traffic up by a catrillion percent in 2012. Is it art or is it porn? Say the key words nude lesbian porn and my hits fly up the hit-o-meter. Do I want such readers as my audience? Honestly, if they can read, yes.  Strangely enough, these readers have stuck around. They weren’t all looking for lewd titillation. Some were looking for  art and maybe liked the words once they landed on the blog. I hope so. I like to think so. And yes, I am re-posting a nude lesbian pic for shock value and to see if I can up my blog hits one more time. Sad, yes. True yes.

Is it art or is it porn? No matter, I have a slew of new readers.

My most recent travel excursion in 2012 was to New York state to participate in a Page to Stage workshop, conducted by Too Much Information (TMI), a wonderful monologue troupe out of New York. I didn’t post too many pics of the area, so here are a few:

A view from a cemetery in Woodstock. Why? I don't know. Because I could.

I’m in my writing studio as I create this simple blog.  The studio was, perhaps, the first gift I gave myself in April, for turning 50. There’s a lot of furniture and art supplies (for my studio-mate) in here now, but here is how it looked when we first moved in:

The first gift at 50 - A writer's studio in the center of town.

I’ve found I’m much more focused when I’m in the studio. I don’t get distracted by two cats, a bunny, an elderly mother, and a refrigerator full of food. Without animals, parents, and food present, I get more work done.

Another gift I gave myself in April was to see the show Rain, a tribute to the Beatles. If you’re a Beatles fan, see this show someday. It knocked my socks off. It almost made me cry. I never realized just how beautiful the Beatles’ music was until I heard it played live. “This is the soundtrack of our lives,” one of the band members said. For me, the statement is so true. I’ll go again someday.

Cindy in her RAIN tee shirt, and by the way, this is how she looked two weeks before she turned 50. She hadn't done her hair yet. Give her a break.

Here’s a picture of the Rain guys, probably what you really wanted to see:

I was just doing some free writing, and here’s an excerpt of what I wrote:

“I turned 50 yesterday. It’s an achievement. Once I was a 17 year old girl who couldn’t leave home because my panic disorder was so severe and the ensuing agoraphobia so debilitating. And although travel can still be difficult for me now, decades later, I do it. In the last year, I’ve traveled to Westcliffe, Colorado, New York City, Chicago, and Woodstock, NY. I plan to travel again in 2012 to New York State, NYC, and hopefully to LA. If I do all this travel, the trips will be within a 12-month period. Think about that: at 17 I was unable to walk down to the stoop of the apartment building where I lived without experiencing paralyzing panic; at age 50, 7 trips, 2 cross country, 4 to major cities, in 12 months. Life is good at 50.”

I want to thank the 80-100 people that said Happy Birthday to me yesterday on FB, Twitter, through the mail and in other ways. You make me feel so not alone as I enter my 50s.