Gee Whiz! How could I have forgotten!

Yesterday, I wrote about seeing a spiritual medium and how close she came to accuracy in discussing my father, my stepmother and my deceased cat, Sweetie. Before I wrote the entry, I’d emailed a friend with this sentence: At one point, the woman said, “The cat that died, the one I’m seeing, is the one that you spent thousands of dollars trying to save.” I said, “Yes.” She said,”She died of cancer.” I said, “Yes.” She said, “Something ruptured, her liver, her spleen?” I said, “Her spleen ruptured.”

Like, Holy Shit. A spleen rupture in a cat is very rare… I think there was something to to this woman and her messages!

Please read the fuller story from May 15th if you haven’t yet. Thanks!


  1. Cindy, your posts about your experience with the medium remind me that there are still plenty of mysteries and unexplained things in this world. Whether her gift is “real” or not as defined by science doesn’t really matter, in my opinion, if she is bringing messages of hope and healing. Plus, when you press those scientists about how much they really know in the scope of all that could possibly be known you find out we are only still in our infancy in terms of understanding our world (not to mention other worlds, places in times, etc). I think your experience sounds wonderful and like something that came at a perfect time for you. Hold onto it.



    • Hi Erika,

      Your message is so kind and loving, which is no surprise, given who you are. I agree with you. We know a sliver of science, and we also know very little about this world, never mind other worlds. I do believe there are people capable of touching other worlds, such as this young woman. I’ll never have that ability, but her message does give me hope, hope that I’ve needed for a long time (as you suggest) that there is meaning. And maybe someday, I get to hold my dear cat again.

      I will see you soon, literally! xo



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