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How do you write happy?

How Do You Write Happy? Lately I’ve been acknowledging how good my life is. Maybe some of you out there do this all the time, count your blessings, write down all the positives about your life: I love my children, … Continue reading

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David, pray

(Early draft stories from my agoraphobic life) In his youth, David Pray sported a thick shock of blonde, wavy hair. That’s what you noticed first: all that crazy yellow-white hair. He had fine blue eyes, thick, pouty-boy lips, and a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “A Smirnoff and Coke”

If you haven’t read my essay, and you’re interested, here is a link to Connotation Press-An Online Artifact that will bring you to editor Robert Clark Young, and to my essay, “A Smirnoff and Coke.” I wanted to use this blog … Continue reading

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Luggage and Baggage

June 23rd, 2011 on a plane to Seattle: I am flying across the country on a 737 Alaska Airlines jet to Seattle to visit my friend and fellow writer, Erika Sanders. We will be staying on Whidbey Island, a long … Continue reading

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All That Remains

My cat died on a sunny day in the dead of winter. The emergency room parking lot, the hoods of cars glinting in the crystal day. Lugging a cat carrier full of dying cat. The doctor young, takes her to … Continue reading

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Running up the escalator

“Suzanne, what is wrong with these fucking people?” It seemed more appropriate than usual that I should fling the f-word, seeing that I found myself in a Secaucus, New Jersey train station near midnight. “I mean, why the fuck are … Continue reading

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Reunion – Why do I remember you? Why Do you remember me?

My 30th high school reunion begins as most of the stories of my life do — with an embarrassing moment. “You have something on the back of your pants,” the young woman at the registration table says. I figure her … Continue reading

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