‘Who Would Choose Such a Difficult Life If They Were Normal?’

‘Who Would Choose Such a Difficult Life If They Were Normal?’ – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cindy-zelman/who-would-choose-such-a-d_b_3531091.html


  1. Hello Cindy….. I tried to reply on HuffPost (as user reveur_M) but I seem to have had Problems with publishing my post…. so I will give it a second try..here…

    It seems to be impossible to start a conversation…. my postings simply disappear… and it’s so hard to write something a second time…

    I just wanted to thank you for your article and well…. today… I could… if homosexuality was a choice answer this shrink: “Yes, I would chose it this way!! Nevertheless!” And I could state that in full conviction. Back in those days I wouldn’t have done it… I just didn’t have the experience and courage…. And I was much to much occupied with hating myself for those bizarre feeling of being attracted to other guys rather than to girls.

    And still I agree with you… Being born this way is NOT an excuse for not being able to change. Why should we?

    Did you overcome the agoraphobia? I still didn’t …


    • Is your name George? Really glad you replied here if you couldn’t on the Huffington Post. We had a conversation on my last post, didn’t we? I think we ended up liking each other. 🙂

      How bad is your agoraphobia? I don’t think it’s something you overcome. You can only hope to manage it. Some days I do better than others.

      I didn’t have the guts back then either to speak up. I guess now is my chance. And yours, too. I’m sorry you suffered so much then. You sound like a very cool guy to me. I hope you’ve found happiness.

      Thank you for reading. Please stay in touch.



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